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Clay Bar MSDS 

clay bar SDS
MSDS clay bar
MSDS clay towel

Brilliatech have MSDS report from Lab, 
and all products have MSDS.

please download or email us for the MSDS。

clay bar MSDS

MSDS overview

In European countries, MSDS is also called safety data sheet (SDS). The international organization for Standardization (ISO) 11014 uses SDS terminology, while the United States, Canada, Australia and many Asian countries use MSDS terminology.

MSDS is a comprehensive legal document 865862583 on the characteristics of chemicals provided to customers by chemical production or sales enterprises according to legal requirements

Pieces. It provides 16 contents, including physical and chemical parameters, combustion and explosion performance, health hazards, safe use and storage, leakage disposal, first aid measures and relevant laws and regulations. MSDS can be prepared by the manufacturer according to relevant rules. However, in order to ensure the accuracy and standardization of the report, you can apply to professional institutions for preparation.

The European Union and the international organization for Standardization (ISO) use SDS terms. However, in the United States, Canada, Australia and many countries in Asia, SDS (safety data sheet) can also be used as MSDS (material safety data sheet). The functions of the two technical documents are basically the same.

China was called CSDs in the standard gbt16483-2000 before 2008. In the revised standard gbt16483-2008 chemical safety technical specification content and project sequence in 2008, it was unified with the international organization for standardization, abbreviated as SDS.

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