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MARFLO Clay Bar 

MARFLO originated from Mexico. Mr. Mario is a local auto club in the United States and Mexico.

MARFLO has its own foundries in China and Mexico. MARFLO's positioning is to provide high-quality products and services at mid-range prices.

The MARFLO team traveled to the United States via Mexico, and cooperated to develop the Chinese market in 2011

MARFLO advocates the concept of environmental protection, economy, safety and practicality, and provides a series of products for the majority of riders.


MARFLO adheres to the business philosophy of

"quality and credibility first, pioneering and innovative, and advancing with the times"


 Continuously introducing high-quality management talents, constantly tapping the potential for reforms, and constantly launching marketable car care and car wash products according to market demand and fashion trends, which are favored by customers with high-quality quality and excellent reputation. 

Its import and export business has developed rapidly. Mafrau China not only introduces advanced foreign products, but also assumes the task of product development, production control, and logistics transportation for MARFLO International. 

The products are sold all over the world, and become the best OEM cooperation factory for various car washes.

MARFLO insists on absorbing advanced corporate management experience and adopting modern corporate management methods, implementing a post responsibility system and conducting performance appraisal.

Every piece of car wash mud goes through many processes

From the needs of customers, to the selection of production plans, materials, and processes, to actual trial production and mass production.

Every piece of car wash mud has a story...

The product has obtained a number of patents

All products are mainly exported, and the products are exported to the world; the domestic market of Budiran develops and operates the following businesses:

--Support online channel sales; orders from foreign trade companies.
--Accept small batches of orders, mixed batch plans, and cooperate with the opening of physical stores, individual online stores and traders.

Made by Brilliatech

Brilliatech has been engaged in the development, production and sales of car washing supplies; it is dedicated to professionalism and has a complete business system;

In 2015, it not only had development and production, but also established a product development and testing laboratory. The improvement of product quality and application reliability are more guaranteed.


Year 2006

Set up a liaison office in Shenzhen, China, which is mainly responsible for logistics, product information collection and part of the procurement business in the United States, Mexico and China.

Year 2008

The American and Mexican marketing departments jointly discussed in Shenzhen. China imports and exports the supply chain, and designates specific work items for the Shenzhen office. Set up a project operation fund, establish a procurement supply chain and import information follow-up system.

January 2011

China OFFICE established MARFLO China and officially authorized it in November of the same year. Mexico's MARFLO authorized MARFLO (MARFLO) China as the coordination center for the Asian market and is responsible for the development and promotion of the Chinese market.

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