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Magic Clay Industry 

Serve customers with first-class service, technology and products

 It is a kind of car wash mud for scrubbing the car body. It has the function of decontamination, but it does not damage the paint on the surface of the car body. This is its unparalleled practicality.

Because the car wash mud is made of superfine fiber and solid gel after repeated mixing. So it is thin and sticky. Fine: After repeated scrubbing by car wash workers, it can wipe into the pores and spots caused by oxidation of the car body.

Sticky characteristics: After repeated scrubbing by car wash workers, it can stick to the car body natural oxidation, scale, car wash, bird (worm) manure, iron powder, acid rain, tree sap and improper care wash mud

Therefore, car wash mud is very popular with car owners. Without damaging the car, harmful residues from the car body can be removed. magic clay,detailing clay,car wash mud,clay mitt, clay bar,Oxidation,Absorbent towel,Car Wash Cleaner

The car wash mud cube is our fastest, most durable and versatile paint repair and surface preparation tool. This cleaning pollutant removal process is so fast and easy, it's like cleaning or spray waxing your way, a perfect cleaning, smoothing and restoring the painted surface, ready for polishing and waxing.
This patented rubber polymer technology can quickly cut and remove surface and embedded contaminants, including paint spills, water stains, fresh sap, track dust, bird droppings, photooxidation and brake dust. 

If left untreated, these particles will quickly cause the molecules of the paint to decompose, making the paint surface dull and prone to further deterioration. The car wash mud cubes will stop this damage and restore the paint, chrome, glass and smooth plastic luster of your car.magic clay,detailing clay,car wash mud,clay mitt, clay bar,Oxidation,Absorbent towel,Car Wash Cleaner



The magic mud towel has a large area, and the decontamination effect is greatly improved. The magic mud adheres to the microfiber towel by nanotechnology and is not easy to fall off.

Superfine towels have good water absorption, and the towels are soft and feel good.

The magic mud can easily wash away the oxide layer, flying paint, insect and bird excrement, cement, iron powder, dust and other stains on the car paint without applying the car paint. 



Magic mud gloves are faster and easier than car wash mud, and safely remove the hard-to-remove substances such as car body and glass stains, water spots, bird droppings, resin, dust, oil stains, etc.

Environmentally friendly products, use water instead of cleaning chemicals and detergents, and do not use other chemicals.

Compared with other products, it is easier to use and does not need to be rubbed. The soft and tenacity sponge is more suitable for hand feel and use, and prolongs the life of the product

The magic clay plate (beauty clay plate) is derived from the physical decontamination technology of Bourdilan car wash magic clay; nano-level material composition, combined with superfine fiber and polishing sponge; exerts the powerful and magical effect of magic clay to a greater extent; The magic mud for car washing is more convenient to use and operate; the area of operation is increased and the speed is increased; the efficiency of operation is improved, and the removal effect is also greatly improved; because the machine operation is more uniform and the strength is better than manual decontamination control; 
It can easily remove the dirt, iron powder, industrial dust, flying paint, etc. that have accumulated on the car body for a long time; the magic clay disc (beauty clay disc) can instantly restore the original smooth and bright car body; avoid the traditional low grinding and polishing Time-consuming methods of caring for the car; 

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