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Magic Clay Partner 

Professional Car Accessories Exhibition

Modern exhibitions have rapidly developed into a center for communication and information
Participating in the exhibition has also become an important part of the company's entire market expansion work.

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2017 Exhibition

Promote and publicize the company's brand to show the strength and image of the company
Face-to-face communication can better understand customers' product needs and applications

2018 Exhibition

Communication with customers during the exhibition is very important. details make a difference
Show customers their good qualities and enhance their confidence in cooperation with us

2019 Exhibition

The company participates in professional industry exhibitions, not only can show its product strength in the same industry, but also serve customers more closely

You can also see your own shortcomings from the same exhibitors, and constantly improve yourself.

Brilliatech Technology Hong Kong Co., Ltd., Dongguan Brilliatech Automotive Products Co., Ltd.;

Marflo China Operations Department will reach a win-win situation with partners:

Separate channels from distributors; For good distributors, we maintain reasonable synchronization;

We will not participate in the Canton Fair, leaving space for domestic partners. We will no longer participate in domestic exhibitions, leaving space for domestic traders.

But we will all go to the exhibition. Common development and achieving a win-win situation is the last word.

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